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02. UX Audit

Are you concerned that your website or app isn't delivering the user experience your customers expect? Our UX audit service can help. Our team will conduct an evaluation of your digital product, identifying usability issues and opportunities for improvement.

Our Process

Heuristic Analysis is a cost-effective technique that we use to identify and prioritize potential usability issues or design flaws in a product. Our designers will review the product using a set of standard heuristic rules, such as ease of use, efficiency, accessibility, consistency, and error prevention. This process helps us to uncover any potential issues that may negatively impact the user experience and prioritize them based on their severity, impact, and frequency.

After conducting the Heuristic Analysis, we provide our clients with feedback and proposals to address any identified issues. We believe that feedback is critical to the design process, and we work closely with our clients to incorporate their feedback and ensure that their vision for the product is realized.

1. Product Review

Studying your current product

2. Heuristic Rules

Usability principles used to evaluate interfaces & identify potential problems,.

3. Feedback and Proposals

Presenting results and improvements to your product

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