Product Design

Understanding real-life human needs and how we interact with products and services is at the heart of developing captivating products. When it comes to the art of combining technology and psychology to optimize people’s experiences, White Prompt has the know-how to deliver unique design and UX. Our product design services include:
Beyond Code


In the preliminary phase in the UX-design process, we go on a fact-finding mission to “discover” the problem and brainstorm solutions. Armed with research and evidence, we confidently build the direction for next steps.

• Discovery Meetings
• Defining and Documenting Use Cases
• Pinpointing Personas
• Identifying Background Processes
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User Experience (UX)

In this phase, we turn the what into the how. In other words, we transition research to real life with creative application flows. UX is the psychology of user flow—methods, models, mapping. At each step, we put on our “user hat” and check-in. How would the identified personas consume the content? How do they flow through content? We constantly ask questions, and that is how we course-correct, every time.

• Competitor Analysis
• User Journeys
• Flows
• Wireframes
• Usability Testing
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Brand experience and user experience should be crafted and curated, mulled and molded to engage and delight customers. Branding is about first impressions. If the look and feel is off, the UX/UI experience doesn’t matter. We make sure the brand and experience speak to the desired target audience when defining and designing the characteristics of the products.

• Product Aesthetics
• Logo Structure
• Right and Wrong Use of Imagery and Graphics
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User Interface (UI)

Paired with branding, user interface (UI) design is the process designers use to build interfaces focusing on delighting users aesthetically. If UX is the psychology, UI is the art. We create interfaces that users find effortless combining typography, color palettes, buttons, animations, and imagery.

• UI Proposals
• Mockups
• Design System
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