Understanding real-life human needs and how we interact with products and services is at the heart of developing captivating products. When it comes to the art of combining technology and psychology to optimize people’s experiences, White Prompt has the know-how to deliver unique design and UX. Our product design services include:
Beyond Code

Project Management

From ideation to production, our experienced project managers deliver peace of mind to our clients as the owners of the product roadmap. The PM is responsible for communicating clearly and transparently, delegating, and managing the step-by-steps throughout the product’s lifecycle. Here’s what you can expect from our PMs:

• Project Planning
• Backlog Refinement
• Sprint Planning
• Reporting
• People Care


When it comes to dev, we rely on the senior developers (aka our experienced team) to work side-by-side with clients, defining the product, asking candid questions, developing the functionality, and demoing the work.

• Constant Communication
• Features Analysis and Design
• Features Estimation
• Code Reviews
• Progress Reports
• Demos
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DevOps is about kicking down the barriers of traditionally siloed groups of people by integrating software development and IT operations teams to build, test, and release software at lightning speed. From coding and deployment to maintenance and updates, our engineers create the tools and methodologies to bring teams closer through collaborative product dev. Our DevOps services include:

• Cloud Engineers and DevOps
• Infrastructure Setup and Automation
• Infrastructure Monitoring
• Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Quality Assurance

From requirements analysis throughout production and deployment phases, assuring quality is part of our perfected process. Testing and problem solving complex software each step of the way reduces the chances of bugs making it to the production phase and increasing overall technical debt. Our QA services include:

• Quality Planning
• Acceptance Criteria
• Agile Testing
• Release Validation
• Regression testing
• QA Automation
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