Development - Big-Picture People & Dev Doers

When it comes to dev, we rely on the senior developers (aka our experienced team) to work side-by-side with clients, defining the product, asking candid questions, developing the functionality, and demoing the work.
Beyond Code

Software Development includes

Constant Communication
• Daily Meetings with all the team
• Scrum ceremonies as needed
• Video calls, Slack, Mail, and Issue Trackers

Features Analysis and Design
• Help stakeholders define the backlog
• Backlog refinement in detail

Features Estimation
• Early t-shirt size estimation of Epics
• Story point estimation of features
• Estimation of Sprints in hours

Code Reviews
• Pipelines with Pull Requests
• Peer reviews
• Pair programming

Progress Reports
• Solid Issue tracker management
• Constant communication
• Daily commits

• Weekly demos of the progress
• Every one demo’s its own work
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