Talent Acquisition Automation Platform

Customizing the experience of job recruiters and candidates applying through their fully-automated integrations. 

The solution

White Prompt’s team of senior developers were hands-on with the client from the start. Updates were given on a daily and weekly basis while maintaining clean documentation that was easy to understand from the client’s perspective.


Creating long-term results for the client resulted in capabilities to leverage an Applicant Tracking System’s APIs to optimize recruitment processes. The upscale platform also allows for a mobile friendly experience that is simplified and efficient for the applicant. Custom automations on the platform include an option for direct application pages, directly sending applications to recruiters and managers through integrations, and managing which jobs are included in specific listings.

White Prompt’s trusted partnership with the client resulted in an ecosystem for talent acquisition teams with customized experiences, connecting your job sites directly to your Applicant Tracking System, while automating manual tasks that your ATS can’t manage.

Technical approach