Common Desk

Common Desk isn't just a coworking space; it's a tightly-knit community of game-changers, difference-makers, and global influencers. Common Desk is expanding to multiple new locations and they were needing to reimplement their administration and client-facing platform in order to accommodate the new business lines while incorporating the lessons learned over the past few years.

The solution

White Prompt put in place a team composed by an Architect, a UX specialist, a Project Manager, 4 Developers, a QA automation and some Dev Ops time. It all started with a face-to-face discovery week at Common Desk offices for learning, defining and specifying the business rules, the architecture, the high-level design, and the main page flows. After that, Common Desk and White Prompt engaged in two-week agile sprints for refining the project and building it.


With the new application, CommonDesk will be able to expand to multiple new locations and increase their revenue by incorporating new business lines. It is expected to improve the users’ retention by providing them a new set of tools and services that will make their experience at Common Desk much more satisfying.

Technical approach