Aquto makes mobile data accessible to the parties involved and increases mobile engagement by bringing the ecosystem of mobile operators, marketers and app publishers together through data sponsorship.

The solution

A team of skilled engineers started working side-by-side with Aquto members from all different areas. They provided their expertise on several subjects such as functional programming, reactive patterns, microservices architecture, APIs integration and domain-driven design, among others. They also worked directly with engineers from the different telecommunication companies in the tasks related to the integration of their systems. The relationship with Aquto was also brought closer together through a business trip of the team to its offices in Boston.


The value added by the team was a key piece not only to meet Aquto’s business goals but also to evolve and improve its platform at the technical level. Aquto was successful in expanding its operations outside the U.S. and at the same time gained a valuable partner for future endeavors.

Technical approach