Data Poirot

Streamline Data Collection and Insights

Data Poirot provides a seamless integration for collecting, storing, and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) within your organization. With our lightweight layer, businesses can harness production data to create actionable insights in just a few weeks, ensuring strategic decisions are data-driven rather than based on intuition alone.
Streamline Data: Affordable, Efficient, Fast!
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Quick, Precise Data Gathering  for Strategic Growth

Data Poirot equips your organization with the tools to efficiently harness and analyze your data. By focusing on strategic data collection and management, we enable businesses to quickly generate actionable insights that drive decision-making and innovation. Our solution is designed to be scalable, affordable, secure, and tailored to your specific operational needs, ensuring you get the most out of your data.
Embrace the power of quick and precise data gathering to drive informed decision-making and strategic business growth.

Efficient, Quick Insights at a Lower Cost than Tableau & Mixpanel


Data Poirot



Data Security
Data remains in customer's cloud
Data remains in customer's cloud
Data may leave customer's cloud
Pricing Model
No subscription required
No subscription required
No subscription required
High (optimized for large data volumes)
Limited by pricing plans
Ongoing costs
Ease of Use
Complex features
Highly customizable
Limited without premium
Charges per user seat?
Highly customizable

Make every data point count towards your strategic goals

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Affordable at Scale

By leveraging your existing infrastructure, we minimize additional costs, making Data Poirot a cost-effective solution for data management.

Data Security

All data is securely streamed and stored within your cloud, with encryption and advanced access controls ensuring data privacy and compliance.

Efficient data ingestion

A streamlined process allows for the rapid setup and integration of your data collection system, enabling faster time-to-insight.

Data Efficiency and Performance

Designed to grow with your business, our service seamlessly scales to meet increasing data demands without sacrificing performance.


Data Poirot offers flexibility in data collection and analysis, allowing customization of the data schema and integration to perfectly align with your business objectives.

Expert Support

Our team provides ongoing support, from setting up the initial schema to assisting with complex data queries, ensuring you maximize the value of your data.


It's like having an AI co-pilot that safeguards and integrates all our knowledge.Our team has become more efficient and productive, thanks to this incredible tool.
Director of Innovation
Michael Doe
AI Insight Vault is a game-changer for our business. It not only accelerates our operations but also ensures the security of our valuable insights.
Head of Operations
Sarah Ferguson
The AI Insight Vault has transformed how our team interacts with knowledge. It's like having a conversational genius at our fingertips, able to ingest and derive insights from diverse file types.
Venture Capitalist
Don Valentine

Implement a Private and Secure Method to Ingest Your Product Data with Data Poirot!

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Our Process


Begin by meeting with your team to define the analytical schema and data scope. This stage ensures that we capture all relevant data concepts necessary for high-quality insights, tailored to your specific domain needs.


Perform regular audits to verify the integrity and performance of the data system. This optional service ensures that your data remains accurate and accessible for analysis, with fixes applied as needed.


Provide optional support for query writing and advanced data analysis, helping your team create and understand high-level KPIs. For deeper insights, we can initiate a subsequent phase focused on Business Intelligence to further enhance data utility.

Enhanced Performance Validation

Following optimizations, we conduct a rigorous reevaluation of your application under stress conditions. This step validates the impact of the enhancements, confirming improved performance and scalability against the established benchmarks.

Optimize Operational Efficiency: Harness Quick, Strategic Insights with Data Poirot!

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