UX is all about your Users

During the User Experience phase, we turn the what into the how. In other words, we transition research to real-life with creative application flows. UX is the psychology of user flow—methods, models, mapping. At each step, we put on our “user hat” and check-in. How would the identified personas consume the content? How do they flow through content? We constantly ask questions, and that is how we course-correct, every time.
Beyond Code

UX Activities

Competitor Analysis

• Market research
• Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
• Pros and Cons, Do and Do Nots.

Journeys and Flows

• User goals and journeys
• Flows with conditions and branches
• Edge-case analysis


• Low Fidelity wireframes specifying the flows
• High Fidelity wireframes with components and variants
• Functional annotations to clarify scenarios

Usability Testing

• Clickable prototypes
• Online recorded usability testing sessions
• Findings and Improvements report
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